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We are always looking for new members here at the Yakima Rock and Mineral Club. If you are interested in membership we recommend you attend one of our monthly meetings and get to know us. Guest are always welcome at our monthly meetings.

If are are ready to join please feel free to download one of the attached forms to fill out and mail us.

Download the Membership Application Form:
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Membership for Kids

We have a great kids program with our Rock and Mineral Club. They meet at the same time as the adults. They learn about the various rock and minerals as well as do craft projects using rocks members have collected over the years.

American Federation

of Mineralogical Societies

The Future Rock Hounds of America is a national organization. Below is their mission statement

Rockhound clubs throughout the Federations have been supporting youth groups for many years. Most clubs have always had young members but often didn't know what sorts of activities to provide for them. Consequently many youth fell through the cracks. We're sure no one would argue the fact that we need to ensure the future of our hobby by encouraging our youth. Knowing this, under the direction of AFMS President Bill Cox in 1984, a committee was added to the AFMS called "Junior Clubs." Bill coined the name "Future Rockhounds of America" and designed a certificate to be given to junior clubs becoming members of FRA. It gives pebble pups and juniors the distinction of belonging to something worthwhile. The only requirement for kids to obtain FRA membership is to be a member of a regional federation club with an AFMS affiliation. There are no dues to pay to AFMS. Starting in Fall 2004, Juniors Activities Chair Jim Brace-Thompson developed a free badge program of guided activities to provide youth leaders with 53 individual activities in 9 areas: Rocks & Minerals, Earth Resources, Fossils, Lapidary Arts, Collecting, Showmanship, Communication, Field Trips, and Leadership. In 2008, 6 new areas were added with 32 more activities on Earth Processes, Earth in Space, Gold Panning & Prospecting, Gemstone Lore & Legend, Stone Age Tools & Art, and Rocking on the Computer. Kids can now earn badges in each of 15 overall areas. Those earning a minimum of 6 of the 15 badges earn a "Rockhound" badge as a mark of accomplishment and distinction. Details of the program may be found on the "Kids Corner" section of the AFMS web site: